The Good Fight by Several Authors

Book Review Disclaimer: I am an easy reader in that I like most of what I read (or I don’t finish it at all) and I am very forgiving/generous in what I consider a good book.

Rating: 1 – 10, 1 being barely readable to 10 being couldn’t put it down and need the next one.

9 out of 10 Stars

Overall, this was an awesome sampling of short stories by many great authors in the Superhero genre. I know, I know, I write fantasy, but I also love me some super heroes, in almost any form.

This being a short story collection, there were a couple I didn’t enjoy as much which garnered the 9 out of 10 rating instead of the full 10. But that is more of a personal preference I think, as all were well written and left me wanting to either find out more about the author or the world the superhero was in.

My favorites: Omega Night by Marion G Harmon and Out of Mind by Drew Hayes.

Warning: Some of the stories contain cuss words (including the f bomb), so might not be appropriate for all audiences.

Authors include:

Scott Bachmann, Frank Byrns, Marion G. Harmon, Warren Hately, Drew Hayes, Ian Thomas Healy, Hydrargentium, Michael Ivan Lowell, T. Mike McCurley, Landon Porter, R. J. Ross, Cheyanne Young, Jim Zoetewey

Book at the Editor, Novella Moving, and Easter!

Again, I’ve been lax in posting, and pretty busy during the meantime. AGAINST THE BEAST is doing well, for me anyway, selling a few copies every week, and people seem to be liking it! I’ve been trying to ramp up my social media presence, and have found a lot of interesting people out there just like me, writing books on the side and trying to get their stories out there.

It shows that there is a market for what I’m writing, and I’m glad that readers are out there and finding what we’re putting out.

FIRE EYES AWAKENED is at my wonderful editor! Woo-hoo! This puts me on track to release ASAP, which means like May or June (yeah, I know). But it’s crazy exciting, over 100,000 words that has been a long time coming. I’m so excited to share it with you… but not quite yet…

I’ve never done any kind of Facebook launch party, but I have an author friend who is doing one, so I figured I’d post it to see if someone would be interested in joining the release party! If not, maybe you’re interested in the books. Click/tap on the picture to go to the event:

As Easter is coming up, remember who you are and whose you are. Our Savior rose that day, and changed the world. Let the kids find the eggs, but remember what they represent.

 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

 Till the next update!

R.J. Batla