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Review of Wielder of the Gauntlets by Jason A. Dimmick


9/10 Stars

Wielder of the Gauntlets delivers on a page turning action packed adventure!

I was hooked from the beginning – the author draws you into the story quickly and you’re invested in the main character instantly. The characters are developed enough, and the story moves along smoothly.

The book is an easy to read page turning adventure throughout. The fight scenes are well written, well thought out, and accurate. The author really did his homework on how people move in a fight and what would happen during various situations in the action (no spoilers, or would give more detail).

The mix of the Christian worldview into the action, with God providing humans a way to defend themselves against foes they would normally not be able to face is well thought out and adds an air of mystery, suspense, and fighting for a greater cause than yourself.

I’d highly recommend Wielder of the Gauntlets to anyone wanting a good sci/fi-fantasy read. Even more so if you like the Christian element and elements of superheroes thrown in.


  1. Nicole says:

    How exciting! Your book looks awesome, and I hope that your release went really well.

    1. RJ Batla says:

      Thanks Nicole! It went REALLY well, lots of audience interaction, which is the most fun!

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