cropped-DSC_6947.jpg Welcome to Terraunum, and anything else I come up with…

Welcome to the Author page of R.J. Batla. Born and raised in Texas, I’m a Christian who loves his family and good old fashioned fantasy/sci-fi books, with a little superhero action thrown in there.

Three books out now (one for free with email list sign up)!

I’ve got a lot of ideas, thoughts, and books I’ve read, and I’ll let you know whats going on as best I can, so look around and check back often for any updates, and welcome!

Fire Eyes Awakened – eBook and Paperback Available Now!

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Book 1 of the Senturians of Terraunum Series

Jayton Baird worked for years to save enough for his powers to be Awakened, becoming a Senturian. Protectors of Terranum from the terrors on the West Side. This power comes with a price – Jayton becomes the most powerful Senturian Awakened in a hundred years. And the most feared.

With an invasion imminent and a death sentence over his head, Jayton is chosen to fight in a gladiator style tournament to prevent a potent weapon from falling into the hands of an enemy bent on conquest. A team of elite warriors escorts him on the trek fraught with danger.

Can Jayton and his team survive long enough to complete his mission, or will the dark power burning inside consume him?

The first in the Senturians of Terraunum Series, FIRE EYES AWAKENED combines epic fantasy with fantastic powers. Join the action and adventure!



Against the Beast – EBook live, Audio and Print Available

Royn Crowell is a highly trained Ranger gifted with special Quantum Powers. Stranded on the West Side of the Breaks with a commanding officer that hates him and unwilling to let him to use his gifts, his first assignment is going less than ideal.

Talk of demons finally forces the captain’s hand, and sends Royn on his first mission. Unfortunately he comes face to face with the most feared creature in Terraunum. With the situation getting worse by the minute, can Royn find a way to defeat the monsters, or will his death mark the first in a long line and threaten all humans on Terraunum?

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