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Defeat ten extraordinary fighters or be annihilated. 

Jayton Baird survived the journey to the Tournament. But now he actually has to fight in the ten round death match. And if he doesn’t win, the enemy obtains a weapon making him nigh unstoppable. The fighters grow stronger with each round, leading up to the unbeatable champion that waits in the finals.

Jayton can’t leave the Tournament grounds, but his friends are fighting for survival in the war. Thousands die defending the Wall, the Elves fight a retreating battle to protect their capital, while enemies seek to destroy the East Side.

Jayton struggles with being stuck in the Arena, unable to leave or help on the war front, though he knows he should focus on the Tournament – especially on his final opponent.

Each victory brings him closer to his goal. But will Jayton and his crew find a way to beat the Uland, keep the weapon out of Malstrak’s hands, and save Terraunum? Or will they be struck down in the attempt?

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