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Review of Into Exile: Teutevar Saga Book 0 by Derek Alan Siddoway

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10/10 Stars

What an amazing book!
The author does a great job introducing us to the characters in the world he’s created.
You can’t help but be sucked in you the adventure and emotions of the Lady Guinevere!

The story line had loyalty, family, community, friendship and villains. The women showed their strength, leadership, bravery, skills as a warrior and the willingness to keep going when it seems hopeless. The villains are bad, but realistic. You really feel for all the characters, their motivations, and their pain.

The world building was fleshed out well and character development enough for the reader to care about the characters.

Into Exile was very interesting and enjoyable read. It definitely leaves you wanting to read more.

The only thing it was missing was a map! Its a relatively short book, and I didn’t want to quit reading.

Pick this up-you will love it!

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